Upgraded Pampers Premium Care Recognized by 96% Japanese Mothers for its soft experience

Mothers'  love and care to their babies begin from the first diaper. As the most popular diaper brand around the world, Pampers has been dedicated to keep on improving product quality for babies'  health and growth. The latest Pampers Premium Care series is made in Japan, applying innovative technology to provide the softest care for babies. Among 591 Japanese mothers who tried the upgraded Pampers Premium Care earlier, 96% of them agreed that Pampers Premium Care series are "so soft" to provide tender love and care to their babies.

Innovative improvements provide gentlest care to babies

The upgraded Premium Care series have improved product performance and design, which give babies comfort feelings of mothers'  hug.

  • Innovative elastic side waist tape provides twice the flexibility

Study shows babies'  largest range of motion in daily life lies in side waist. The upgraded Pampers Premium Care diapers with twice as much elastic side waist tape, help relieves babies'  waist tension and diapers are more fit to body. Even the most active baby can move flexibly and comfortably.

  • Advanced moisture-absorption technology keep babies' skin dry and comfortable

Pampers is the first diapers brand introducing technology of high polymer moisture-absorption around the world. The upgraded Premium Care series Strengthen absorption effect, obviously prevent reversed flow of pee, and keep babies' buttock dry and comfortable. 

Pampers upgraded Premium Care series provide the softest care to babies no matter in what postures. Your favorite babies deserve diapers of quality, and Pampers Premium Care is the definitely best choice for you!