The anti-aging treatment realizes miracle of rejuvenation

OLAY Regenerist Super Cream

Women are facing skin annoyance of dull complexion, splash, looseness and wrinkles after 25 years old, as their metabolism are slowing down which is damaging their skin brightness and elasticity. All women hope to turn back times for rejuvenation, which only appears in movies. But as development of science and technology, anti-aging will no longer be “Arabian nights”. OLAY Regenerist Super Cream containing 5 major elements will help to realize the beauty miracle of rejuvenation.

To reverse skin age and invigorate younger looking skin

With slogan of “seeing youth within 1day”, high active ingredients and good reputation among users, OLAY Regenerist Super Cream has made a great flutter soon after its launch in Hong Kong market. It was highly praised by dermatology specialists, celebrities and makeup artists, and has been awarded in 27 international beauty elections. The US authorized women magazine Good Housekeeping has demonstrated that efficacy of OLAY Regenerist Super Cream is even better than skin-care cream of 350 dollars, which provides redefinition for effective skin care products.

The lower self protection of skin accounts for skin aging problem. Researchers of OLAY Regenerist discovered that Regenerist line can effectively reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and strengthen self protection of skin, which invigorate skin to young. Experiments proved that OLAY Regenerist line helps to invigorate skin to 5 years younger, reversing skin of 30 to 35 years old to that of 26 to 30 years old (demonstrated in Picture 1), firms up skin and prevents from ageing.

5 synthetic elements by high technology reverse skin to 5 years younger immediately

OLAY Regenerist Super Cream contains high concentration of Amino Peptide Complex. And the 5 major elements Carnosine, Matrixyl, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and green tea extra can reduce skin aging, with effective ingredients of hyaluronic acid and Paua, which help to maintain skin in perfect condition.

Carnosine: help to prevent lost of protein cells and firm up skin; Matrixyl: revive protein and elastin cells and hyaluronic acid, help to reduce wrinkle and firms up skin; Vitamin E: anti-free-radical protection, deeply moisten skin; Hyaluronic Acid: the recognized moisturizing ingredient which help to maintain skin hydrated for long time; Green Tea Extra: to prevent external oxidation and avoid ageing acceleration. 

OLAY Regenerist Super Cream makes skin reappear youth and firmness by reversing skin age, which helps women maintain youth of their skin.

1 According to a skin survey among 460 Chinese women by P&G.
2 The five authorized international scientific magazines includes Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Archive of Dermatology, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, The Journal of Clinical Investigation & Dermatology Therapy