Aside from the creation of classic and modern hairstyles, a pair of scissors can take the fashion world by storm. Since the first Sassoon Salon was founded in London in 1954, VS Sassoon has been a vanguard for trends in fashion and hairstyling, defining chic and edgy while offering clients a long line of excellent hair care and styling products. Whether it’s a bob cut with a weighted fringe, a Havington cut with disconnected layers or simply a stunningly straight cut, the creativity of VS Sassoon’s featured looks always charms and surprises fashion lovers and followers every season.

VS Sassoon has been working closely with various brands to create chic and classic looks while offering a range of hair care and styling products to reflect each client’s individuality. VS Sassoon will continue its commitment to innovation by offering more professional hair products, custom designing the perfect ensemble for every fashion lover.

Inspired by the dynamics of hair, fashion and music, VS Sassoon has developed the New Diamond Shine Series, using the concept of FMVS (Fashion x Music x VS)  in 2008. This new formula adds a glaring diamond shine to your hair and flatters and complements dazzling outfits to the beat of cutting-edge music, creating a hip and eye-catching look.

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