Braun Value
Founded in 1921, Braun is convinced that a truly superior product that meets all consumer expectations can only be made by strictly adhering to the very highest standards of quality. Therefore, we are always striving to find original and creative solutions to genuine consumer needs through products with unique, progressive features and design; products that are technologically advanced, modern in appearance and always a step ahead of the competition.

With innovation, quality and design being the core value of Braun through all the years, we do not compromise on quality in any way. Comprehensive testing and quality monitoring is a hallmark of every product, from Research and Development through production to customer service. This ensures that our products are developed according to defined quality standards, and, like all relevant processes, procedures, and tools, are continuously optimized.

An Expert in Men Shaving
Since the first Braun shaver was launched in 1940, we have been an expert and one of the leaders in the world’s shaving market. We believe that foil shaving is the perfect answer to the most comfortable and thorough shave ever so different technologies have been developed to bring people the best shaving experience. With the New Braun Series Shavers coming up in 2008, we aim to give people the irresistibly smooth to the touch.

A Professional in Small Appliances
On top of Male Grooming, Braun is also a professional player in small appliances business. These include Epilators & Lady Shavers, Food Creation, Coffee, Garment Care, Hair Care Appliances and etc. With the wide range of products, it is Braun’s mission to improve people’s life by meeting their needs with superior performing products which make life easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.

History of Braun
From 1921, Braun thinks of every detail of people’s life and the following shows how Braun developed from a humble engineer to the leading global manufacturer of small appliances.

1921 Max Braun established a small engineering shop in Frankfurt am Main
1923 Components for radio were made
1940 The first Braun shaver came to the world
1956 Snow White‘s coffin – the first record player in plastic with a plexiglas cover
1958 Kitchen machine and mixer with indestructible motors and timeless design
1962 First shaver with electro-plated, flexible steel foil–and sleek black design
1978 First shaver with hard-soft housing using dual injection molding
1984 Coffee maker with dual cylinder design based on single heating element for brewing and heating
1991 First electric toothbrush with small oscillating brushhead
1999 First self-cleaning shaver “SyncroPro”
2003 Launch of Activator, signifying an intelligent interaction between the shaver and the automatic cleaning unit
2005 A new top-of-line shaver 360 Complete was brought to the world
2007 Pulsonic, the world first shaver with innovative sonic technology, was launched to give the most comfortable and thorough shave ever
2008 Braun introduced the New Braun Series Shavers

With the tradition and principles we believe in all these years, Braun has won over 100 Design Prizes since 1957 and was awarded as the “Brand of the Century” in “German Standards 2007”. With all the ideal foundations in the past, Braun will continue to strive for an even greater success in future.

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