For over 50 years, hair-care expert Pantene has been dedicated to hair care and health for customers all over the world. Based on the precept that “beauty originates from good health,” Pantene provides solutions to various hair problems. In 1940, a Swiss scientist discovered pro-V, a substance that makes hair tougher and suppler, promoting the health of one’s hair. Pantene was founded in Europe in 1947, and was launched in the United States soon after. Since then, Pantene has become synonymous with health and beauty, sparking a worldwide reform in hair health care. In the 1970s, Pantene invented the hair conditioner, a product that has exerted a profound influence the world over, revolutionizing our concept of hair care. At present, Pantene has become the world’s largest brand for shampoo and conditioner products.

After dedicated research in Japan, Pantene launched in 2008 the Clinicare product series, a premium line of hair products. Focusing on intensive treatment and offering the latest in hair technology, this line effectively penetrates damaged hair, repairing it with a special formula containing BT Mac, a cuticle mimic ingredient. In just one month, hair that has been left damaged for up to two years can be restored, making it shimmer and glow with good health.

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