This Father’s Day, P&G Celebrates the Little Things That Dads Teach Us Every Day

Share Big Insights That Came From Your Small Moments With Dad

Father’s Day brings to mind the many important things Dads teach. But often the real teaching moments are those seemingly ordinary everyday actions. Maybe it’s the way he fixes things around the house that says it’s important to stay on top of repairs and clean up messes. Or how his morning grooming routine underscores the value of getting off to a good start. Or the way he just knows things - the different sizes of batteries, how to tie a Windsor knot, or how to expertly use his razor every morning to remove a day’s worth of stubble.

So P&G, the Company behind Duracell®, Crest® and Gillette®, is honoring Dads this Father’s Day by asking everyone to share which of Dad’s small, everyday gestures they remember and cherish.

The latest video in The Every Day Effect video series, The Daddy Effect, acts as an invitation to kids everywhere this Father’s Day to share the big insights that came from small moments with Dad. You can also join in the celebration of dads by “Liking” The Daddy Effect video on Facebook and sharing it through your social networks.

Dads may wonder if the things they try to impart to kids actually land. What better gift than to let them know they had a positive impact by sharing how it felt during those special moments. Those simple, ordinary actions made life better, just as our brands do for families around the globe. And in the spirit of Father’s Day, we think that’s worth celebrating.