The Mommy Effect – How Mom’s Everyday Actions Make a Meaningful Difference

This Mother’s Day, P&G honors Moms by inviting you to share your mom’s everyday act of love. Every Mom has one – her own little signature act of love that simply speaks volumes. It may be that she knows precisely when and how a favorite blanket needs to be washed to make it soft and fresh again. Or that she can gently wipe little hands and faces clean, no matter what kind of mess they’ve gotten into.

Those seemingly ordinary everyday things add up to what is celebrated on Mothers’ Day, because if ever there is a person who proves that life is in the details, it’s Mom. P&G, the Company behind brands like Ariel/Tide®, Bounty® and Olay,® wants to let the world know what everyday things Moms do that are most memorable to their kids. It’s all part of P&G’s The Everyday Effect campaign and video series.

The latest video, the fourth in the series, is called The Mommy Effect and shows that even the youngest kids notice the simple acts Moms do with others in mind. It taps in to the universal truth that seemingly ordinary everyday acts have a surprisingly significant impact. In honor of Mothers’ Day, P&G invites everyone to share one of Mom’s everyday acts of kindness that will be used in P&G’s first ever piece of crowd-sourced copy to be showcased in July 2013. Fans can visit our Facebook Page to submit their story.