Are You Part of the 84%?

Video Inspired by P&G Study Reveals Power of Everyday Acts for the Environment

Effective changes don’t have to start with grand acts, they can start much closer to home. According to The Everyday Effect Study conducted in the US by P&G, the Company behind brands like Gillette®, Pampers® and Pantene®, 84% of Americans say that even simple, everyday actions help them feel like they’re making a contribution to the environment, and 75% say that these actions make them feel better about themselves.

To help inspire these acts, P&G is launching a new video called Everyday Earth Day that aims to inspire people to discover how their own everyday actions can have a surprisingly positive impact on the environment. The video follows Dr. Forbes McDougall, P&G’s global zero waste to landfill leader as he hits the streets to talk to people about the seemingly ordinary, everyday things they do to make a difference.

Dr. Forbes McDougall hits the streets to talk to people about the seemingly ordinary,
everyday things they do to make a difference

“Inspiration to reduce waste can come from anywhere,” said McDougall. “At P&G I lead a team dedicated to finding creative ways to re-use, recycle or repurpose our waste, but even I was surprised at some of the things I learned from people I met making this film. After meeting people who are making changes to reduce their own environmental footprint it’s clear to see that it’s the everyday things we do that can have a surprisingly positive impact on the environment.”

In the video, McDougall also shares some surprising ways Procter & Gamble is reducing and reusing waste through innovative partnerships to turn paper sludge into low-cost roof tiles for local homes, Femcare scraps into shoes and even diapers into dash¬boards.

President –Greater China Shannan Stevenson comments “For 175 years, we have been innovating to share products with people that have superior performance while maximizing the conservation of resources and reducing our overall environmental footprint. Through the use of some P&G brands, seemingly ordinary actions, like washing your laundry in lower temperatures and doing the dishes with concentrated products can be a surprising help to the world we share, allowing us all to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste.”

Everyday Earth Day can be viewed beginning April 17th at here and, for the first time ever, P&G is inviting its fans to visit and share the everyday things that you do to make every day extraordinary’, which will culminate in P&G’s first ever piece of crowd-sourced copy to be showcased in July 2013.

Forbes McDougall adds, “The world is full of people who care about the earth and are committed to taking action. We hope people will be inspired by the video to look at their own everyday actions and discover the surprisingly positive impact we can all have on the environment. That’s the power of The Everyday Effect.”


 (Video)The Everyday Effect-Everyday Earth Day