Robert A. McDonald, Chairman & CEO of P&G:A Purpose-Driven Life

Editor's Note: Modern Weekly reported a cover story of P&G Global Chairman and CEO Robert A. McDonald on Apr. 3th, 2010, and introduced his Purpose-Inspired life and P&G's Purpose-Inspired Growth Strategy.

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Robert A. McDonald has laid out a Purpose-Inspired Growth Strategy for P&G, and states that he himself lives a purpose-driven life. 'Purpose' has become the most clear-cut keyword for him. His purpose lies in the ambition of his organization, and, just as obviously, in his considerate care for others.

A Purpose-Driven Life
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"A leader must understand his employees' purposes and goals, and then help them arrive at fulfillment. He should kindle a fire and then fuel the fire to help them succeed, thus creating a virtuous cycle. From this perspective, the responsibility of a leader is to see his role not just as a job, but as a vocation and an undertaking."

—— Robert A. McDonald

McDonald and members of his core team& Former CEO of P&G

McDonald's 10 Rules in Life:

1. To live a purpose-driven life, which will make a bigger difference than a life without purpose and will help to achieve more

2. To place the right person in the right place is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader

3. Everyone wants success, which is infectious

4. Personality is the most significant characteristic of a leader

5. To make difficult but correct choices, instead of easy but incorrect ones

6. Compared to a person's lack of talent, a dysfunctional system and a broken culture are the biggest barriers to success

7. In an organization, there are always some people who will give up halfway

8. An organization must renew itself

9. Top priority should be given to the recruitment of talented people

10. The real test facing leaders lies in the performance of an organization achieved when they are unavailable or after they leave