P&G again Rank “GlobalTop 20 Best Companies for Leadership” Top 3

The global management consulting firm Hay Group released the annual “Global Top 20 Best Companies for Leadership” list on 27th. Jan, 2011. P&G took the second place for its excellence in leadership, and it was the sixth consecutive year for the company listing Top 10 in this list.

In order to select the Best Companies for Leadership, Hay Group has inquired 3,769 employees from1,827 companies. The interviewees were first asked to grade their employers and then to list the best top 3 companies for leadership in their point of views. The result shows that 69.2% companies provide training and training opportunities no matter what grade the employees are in their positions. The Top 20 companies in the list similarly encourage leaders in different clusters to participate in major planning and policy-making, which accounts for 71.8% among global enterprises of its kind.

In P&G, as an important part of the key company values, leadership has been passed down from generation to generation among employees. P&G, honored as “Huangpu Military Academy” in business, provide comprehensive training mechanism and internal promotion mechanism to help employees become leaders. P&G President and Chief Executive Officer Robert A.McDonald also strengthened, “Leadership is one of the most important qualities to become a P&G employee. "

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