Social Responsibility

Live, Learn and Thrive

Since its inception, P&G has improved life for more than 300 million children around the world through our Live, Learn and Thrive cause. Every second of every day, two children benefit from P&G Live, Learn and Thrive initiatives.

By focusing our social investments on improving life for disadvantaged children and youth, P&G and our brands are able to focus our attention on an area that is critically important, now and for generations to come.

Support Hope School Picture

Support Hope School

Hope Schools Project is P&G’s Long-Term Commitment to Education Success. The program is the partnership with China Youth Development Foundation since 1996, and let children now have better access to education in poverty-stricken rural areas of China.

Clean Water: Saving Lives and Raising Awareness Picture

Clean Water: Saving Lives and Raising Awareness

The P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water program provides clean water to people in some of the most impoverished places in the world, and saved 20,000 lives by delivering 4 billion liters of clean water in our Children’s Safe Drinking Water program.

Through our global network of partners, and leveraging the PUR Purifier of Water technology, CSDW has provided 2.2 billion liters of safe drinking water since the program began in 2004 (of this total, 1.5 billion liters are included in our results reported against our 2007–2012 goal).

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports

Environmental protection starts from trifles in our daily life. Environmental protection policy is embedded in every programs and environmental principle is implemented in employees’ everyday work. Reduce printing one piece of paper, reduce using one disposable cup, is our action to bring more “Green” to the earth.

2010 Sustainability Report (PDF)