We aim to continually improve the environmental profile of our operations, focusing on energy, waste,CO2, and Water.

Our Operations Approach

Our sustainability work goes beyond the core of our manufacturing operations, extending to a holistic end-to-end view of opportunities. We deliver strong results across the supply chain, ranging from manufacturing to finished product logistics—engaging our suppliers throughout the process.

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Between the procurement of raw materials and the creation of a product, we strive to reduce waste, water, energy, and CO2 through systemic conservation efforts. We apply smart eco-design through innovative construction process improvements. And, we re-use where feasible, giving new life to what was once waste.
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Finished Product Logistics
In the logistics stage, we reduce waste in customization by applying more sustainable designs. We have also optimized our transportation efficiency by making changes to the rate, route, mode and method of transportation. We have focused on eliminating inefficiencies such as loading and unloading delays, rush transport up-charges, dead legs (empty trucks) and P&G production line stops.
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Supplier Engagement
We collaborate closely with suppliers across the entire supply chain. We recently implemented our supplier sustainability scorecard, which assesses the environmental footprint of our suppliers, enabling P&G to partner and help reduce the environmental impact along the supply chain.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports

Environmental protection starts from trifles in our daily life. Environmental protection policy is embedded in every programs and environmental principle is implemented in employees’ everyday work. Reduce printing one piece of paper, reduce using one disposable cup, is our action to bring more “Green” to the earth.

2010 Sustainability Report (PDF)