P&G Responds to "Earth Hour 2010" as Support to Sustainability

P&G has been focusing its sustainability effort on significant projects, to improve lives of global consumers and that of the next generation. Sustainability is one of P&G's core purposes. And P&G Greater China fully support and participate in the "Earth Hour 2010" campaign, initiated by the Worldwide Fund for Nature, to arouse the public attention to the climate changes.

As participation of P&G Greater China in "Earth Hour 2010" campaign, all unnecessary lighting equipments in the office were turned off during 8:30-9:30 pm on Mar 27, 2010 (Saturday). Besides, to encourage more employee join this campaign, lights in P&G offices around Guangzhou, Taiwan and Hong Kong was turned off during 8:30-9:30 pm on Mar 26, 2010 (Friday), one day earlier than the "Earth Hour 2010".

"Earth Hour 2010" aims at boost public awareness of energy saving and climate changes, encouraging people to live the low-carbon lifestyle. So far "Earth Hour 2010" has become the greatest actions of caring climate changes.

With warm response to "Earth Hour", P&G invites you join in the campaign. A simple action will bring significant improvement of our environment. For our next generation, let's join hands to protect our earth.

At 8:30 pm, Mar 27 – Let's turn off the lights!