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At P&G, we focus our Sustainability efforts on improvements that matter, to make the most meaningful impact we can. Our commitment begins with P&G’s Purpose, Values and Principles, in which Sustainability is embedded, and manifests itself in a systemic and long-term approach.We strive to make our actions matter.

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    Delight the consumer with sustainable innovations that improve the environmental profile of our products.


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    Improve the environmental profile of P&G’s own operations.


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    Social Responsibility

    Improve children’s lives through P&G’s social responsibility programs.


Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports

Environmental protection starts from trifles in our daily life. Environmental protection policy is embedded in every programs and environmental principle is implemented in employees’ everyday work. Reduce printing one piece of paper, reduce using one disposable cup, is our action to bring more “Green” to the earth.

2010 Sustainability Report (PDF)

Our Commitment

Improving the lives of consumers worldwide is about more than just great products. It's about taking responsibility for improving our communities around the world through the work we do, as a Company and as individuals.

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