OLAY Unique Whitening Technology Unleash Whitening from Cells

Entering the 21st century, we are striving for better quality and healthy quality of life, while females are to be pursued more thoroughly with a healthy white skin! Internationally renowned skincare brand Olay understands Asia females’ needs, through the exploration of whitening technology, continue to provide the latest and most effective method of whitening to fulfill Asian females’ needs.

The latest launch of Olay Restoring Emulsion contains patent CelLucent Whitening Formula, can rapidly penetrate into 10 layers of cuticle, direct inhibition of tyrosinase activity, reduction of melanin formation and precipitation, from the skin cell layer through the beginning of the release of white; together with mulberry extract and essence of a variety of herbs, so that the skin becomes translucent from the inside out, bring about a new whitening experience for females.

New Whitening Super Star

OLAY CelLucent Whitening Formula contains major ingredient Hesperidin and Olay unique Niacinamide。Called out by the international authority of pigment experts, "Hesperidin is the most effective whitening ingredients discovered until now". Clinical data proves that Hesperidin can quickly penetrate into deep layer of skin, inhibit tyrosinase activity from skin cell, effectively inhibited the formation of Melanin, the skin while promoting blood circulation. In addition, Hesperidin can also inhibit the formation of lipid oxides, free radical scavenging, maintaining the vitality of collagen to maintain skin health; OLAY patented CelLucent Whitening Formula combining Hesperidin and Niacinamide can improve skin cell self-renewal capacity, enhance the skin degrees and the white degree of permeability.

" Price: HK$139.9/75ml Available at Mannings and Watsons in Hong Kong