Olay Definity Luminesse

Revolutionary Foamy Essence Sparked by Luminosity Whitening Concept

Olay, an internationally renowned beauty brand, has been experiencing continuous breakthroughs in developing Whitening Products and bringing endless surprises to the ladies. To cater to the needs of our Asian customers, Olay launched a brand new Whitening Product Line—Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Series. The new Luminosity Whitening concept offers every lady a luminous, radiant and even complexion.

Innovative Technology Sets New Whitening Trend

The innovative technology applied in the New Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Series was developed under the luminosity whitening concept. The New Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Series contains Glucosamine Whitening Complex, a newly-discovered whitening ingredient which is effective in fading brown spots right from the root and thus making skin look luminous and radiant. The Complex consists of N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide which quickly penetrate 10 layers of skin, with every layer of skin refined and conditioned at the source of past damage. It also helps avoid Melanin from forming at an early stage and is effective in fading dark spots which enhances skin luminosity. Skin collagen is rebuilt and consolidated at the same time, bringing phenomenal whitening results to ladies who look for ultimate luminosity.

The New Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Series includes: Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Foamy Essence—a groundbreaking whitening essence with a foamy texture. Its volume is over 10 times that of ordinary essences. It can be smoothed out easily with a covering area 1.5 times more than ordinary creams, allowing the essence to be evenly and quickly absorbed. Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening UV Lotion—the SPF 15 effectively protects you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, keeping your skin translucent white. Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Cream penetrates every layer of skin, nourishing and moisturizing with richness. The Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Clear Lotion keeps skin hydrated and moisturizes every bit of it, leaving it looking luminous and glowing.

Accreditation Gained Worldwide Stimulates New Whitening Trend

The Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Series, launched during the trend-setting Milan Fashion Week that attracted all the top designers, has taken the fashion world by storm with its new luminosity whitening trend. Soon after its market launch, it was highly recommended by various international fashion magazines during 2006 and 2007, and has been awarded multiple beauty awards in both the U.S. and Europe:

  • Recommended by British Vogue as “Last Summer’s finest beauty treat”
  • Named by British RED as “The Best things in Life, 5-star award from RED magazine” 
  • Chosen by British “Time Style Beauty Award 2007 as the Best New Skincare Product”, in which Olay Definity Luminesse Whitening Foamy Essence was described as “light as a feather…” 
  • Awarded the Astir Press Award - Best Skin care product of the year given by the Dutch Association of Beauty Editors
  • Recommended by American Allure (26 April 2007) as “Editors’ Favorite from ALLURE”